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Operation T-Bird


Back in 1959 my father bought his dream car, a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, and now forty one years later the car is in, to put it mildly, some need of repair. My father always referred to the Thunderbird as his toy, it was his pride and joy and after his passing I couldnít bear the thought of it being sold for parts. You see restoring the car doesnít make economic sense as you could buy a restored car for less than it would take to bring this one back to life. Fortunately Iíve never been a slave to logic.

My brother Donald and I have undertaken the Herculean task of restoring dadís car and this web page has been created in order to keep our family and friends abreast of the project. Wish us luck and drop in every now and again to see how we are doing.


Phase 1 -The car is towed to Precision Body in Des Moines, IA

Mel, who hadn't really had a good look at the car before, took one look at these photos shook her head and walked away.


Phase 2 - Body is removed from the chassis and both halves are completely stripped


Phase 148 - The car is completed and on the road.  My brothers and I strapped Sam into his car seat and took to the road to drive the Bird from Des Moines to Seattle.


Sam now says that he can't wait to turn 16

The new mayor of Des Moines, Iowa

Mark and David rolling across South Dakota

A familiar scene - cooling the V8

Knocking off the miles somewhere in Montana